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Important tips before cutting the hair
 Every woman is keen for her hair to look beautiful and healthy, as it is what distinguishes her and makes her more feminine, but some women...
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what is difference between perfume water and toilet water
 The difference between perfume water and toilet water is confusing to many and many consider them to be the same, which is wrong. It is kno...
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The benefits and harms of red meat when consumed in excess
admin 11 October 2021
 Red meat is meat that comes from the muscle meat of mammals such as beef, sheep, pork, goat, veal and lamb, and is red when raw. Red meat i...
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WHO: Nutritional advice during the outbreak of the Corona virus (Covid 19)
admin 11 October 2021
 Availability of water and proper nutrition are vital and important things in life. Those who eat a balanced diet have stronger immunity and...
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The normal rate of the heartbeat of different ages
admin 13 August 2021
 What is the normal heart rate:   A number of people are confused about knowing the normal rate of each person’s heartbeat, and they want to...
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The difference between men and women in thinking, love and biologically
admin 09 August 2021
There are many differences between men and women, and the difference between men and women is considered in several aspects, including the b...
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Food frugality (smart shopping and use food waste and save the environment)
admin 08 August 2021
The true definition of food economy is a science concerned with the study of economic phenomena and laws related to various food economic r...
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