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Brothers quarrel between them: Here are the most important causes and solutions

There is no doubt that your husbands have suffered from the problem of children quarreling between them in the house, the garden, the house of your relatives... etc. Especially in childhood. Which makes the daily tasks of a mother in her home difficult when their children quarrel. In this article we will give you some reasons and solutions for this continuous quarrel, maybe these solutions will work for you, just try.

The reasons for the quarrel between brothers:

  • Imitation of the actions and sayings of the elder brother's younger brother and the desire for commitment between them.
  • Sharing things: it is a value that is not innate to the child, as it is acquired by learning from his family or from school.
  • The child does not receive attention, so he resorts to obtaining it through bad actions such as breaking a vase or ... ,if the parent do not pay attention to the child until he makes the mistake.
  • Jealousy: When the parents find an unjustified difference in treating one of the brothers and giving him more attention than the other brother.

Solutions quarrel between brothers:

  • Give the older brother specific instructions on how to take care of his younger brother, for example, give him instructions to teach his younger brother something useful like how to open the door, and praise him when he is patient.
  • Make sure to give each of your children his own time with you or with his friends, without his brothers being with him.
  • Teaching them participation by example, for example let your child join you in washing the dishes, and while you do so, use the word "share" as saying, "Come on to share with me in washing the dishes.".
  • Determine what can be shared with the brothers and what cannot be shared. The constant demand of the older child to share his toys with his little brother will increase the resentment inside him. Teach him ways to protect his belongings that he fears, such as keeping them on a high shelf or putting a lock on the cupboard, for example, and my little brother’s permission to ask permission Before having fun with his toys, allocate a place for each child to put their things.


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