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Sport gives you strength and flexibility

You may stand bewildered and ask yourself about the correct concept of fitness, and despite the existence of several concepts that differ for different people, as some refer to them as "thin waist", and for others we find them as "adequate weight" and others mean to them "a general feeling of wellness and health." But the most important thing to get a proper definition of this word is to look at its concept in a more general and comprehensive way. Fitness is not just talking about strength, probability, or fat percentage, but it combines all of that. It is possible to be strong and not have stamina, or have strength of stamina and not have flexibility.

Elements of basic fitness:

  • Muscle strength.
  • Muscular endurance.
  • Flexibility.
  • Durability in the presence of oxygen-dependent energy.


It refers to the body's ability to operate the entire muscle group for a prolonged and moderate period using oxygen-dependent energy. Oxygen is used to break down carbohydrates and convert them into permanent energy, and it also helps break down fats and proteins. Doing sports activities that depend on oxygen increase the heart rate, and increase the ability of the organs to contract, as the strong contractions help blood flow better and stronger and thus prepare the body to perform any activity better.

Muscular strength:

It is the ability of the body's muscles to generate a certain amount of force in a short period of time using energy that does not depend on oxygen. These exercises contribute to strengthening muscles, increasing their size, and increasing the volume of tissues connected to them and increasing their density because these exercises lead to expansion of cells and building muscles. Apart from the aesthetics, the greater the size of muscles and the tissues attached to them, the more flexible the body and less exposure to damage in accidents, and it also helps to control your weight in the long term as the tissues surrounding muscles can burn more calories than fat even during periods of rest.


It is the ability to stretch muscles and ligaments. By increasing the elasticity, we mean by spreading the elastic tissue beyond its natural limits and keeping it in this position for a few moments, and with repeating this process, the tissues adapt to their new limits. The greater the flexibility of the body, the lower the risk of injury or damage when you engage in any sporting activity, and it even increases your performance level.


Instructions for practicing warm-up exercises is a necessary and important thing before starting any sporting activity. Taking into account the feeling of these exercises as an effort only so that they do not cause any pain that harms the human body. Simplify the muscles of certain areas in your body per day and this is done regularly at least several times per week.


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