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Sports exercise and women: its benefits and precautions

Women today are competing with men in practicing physical activities. The fact of the matter is that women need to practice physical activities in order to maintain their health and their special conditions that they are going through. Some of the physiological characteristics that distinguish women from men must be mentioned. Women are generally shorter and lighter than men and are distinguished by a smaller heart size and have children. A higher fat percentage than men and a high percentage of flexibility as well, and sport helps women to have a slim and balanced body, in addition to working on regularity of the menstrual cycle, as it contributes to slowing down the aging process.

The 6 benefits of exercise for pregnant women:

  • Strengthening the abdominal muscles and back muscles.
  • Getting rid of extra pounds that occur during pregnancy.
  • The ability to sleep comfortably.
  • Improve blood circulation of the pregnant woman, which contributes to improving the status of the embryo.
  • Improving the respiratory capabilities of the pregnant woman to facilitate the birth process.
  • Improving the bearing of the pregnant woman.

The 4 importance of women's exercise sports exercises:

  • It makes a pregnant woman feel that pregnancy is a normal condition, and exercise increases the strength of the body's muscles and the tissues surrounding the joints, especially in the back, pelvis, thighs and feet.
  • Exercising before childbirth helps in strengthening the pregnancy and the muscles of the lower abdomen.
  • It gives the body the correct aesthetic and healthy body.
  • It helps to increase the capacity of the lungs to breathe comfortably during childbirth.

Precautions: Should be observed when exercising:

  • Stay away from carrying weightlifting.
  • Reducing exercise in hot weather to avoid dehydration.
  • Adopting a balanced diet with elements and paying attention to potassium and iron as a result of muscle spasms that increase during pregnancy.
  • Commitment and regulation of the sports exercise time. 

Sport exercises after childbirth:

The length of the abdominal muscles after childbirth expands to two times and needs a period of a month and a half to return to its normal length and the importance of exercises is that they help in speeding up the return of muscles to their normal state, and the areas of the abdomen and thighs are considered fat storage areas during pregnancy and breastfeeding works on the process of burning accumulated fat.


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