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The difference between men and women in thinking, love and biologically

There are many differences between men and women, and the difference between men and women is considered in several aspects, including the biological aspect, the emotional aspect, and the mental aspect, in addition to their difference in thinking and their lives in society.
And each gender has its own role in his life. A man must play his role in life as a man and not imitate women, and also a woman must play her role as a lady and not imitate men.


In this article, we will explain many of the differences between men and women in life.

The difference between men and women in thinking:

  • Men outperform women in physical ability and arithmetic, while women excel in spatial intelligence and the ability to distinguish colors.
  • A woman can focus attention on more than one topic at the same time, unlike a man who focuses on only one thing until he finishes it completely, and then moves on to another.
  • Women believe in equality between them and men, and despite their achievements, they do not brag about them, unlike a man whose thinking is characterized by a hierarchical pattern, who does not believe in the existence of equality between men and women and always brags about his achievements in front of women.
  • Many studies have proven that there are no differences between men and women in the rate of intelligence, the intelligence of men is equal to the intelligence of women, but the difference lies in the same way of thinking and dealing between both of them.
  • Men like competition more than women, they like socializing and talking more than men, men prefer to enter into competitions, and women get angry when they find men do not talk to them for long conversations.
  • Men think in part and women think in general. Men have the ability to walk away from a problem and reduce its complexity, and this causes them to not appreciate the minute details that may be important to a successful solution. On the other hand, the way women think makes them more prone to confusion.

The difference between men and women in love:

  • A woman is more in romance and feelings of love than a man, so we find that she always likes to hear beautiful and romantic words from her lover or husband, and the absence of this speech is a major crime from her point of view, unlike a man who may remain days without talking about love.
  • Women are more capable than men in deciphering emotions or emotions, so they can understand facial expressions and body language more than men, and they can understand the man in front of them whether he loves her or not.
  • A man tends to physical violence by defending his beloved, due to the increase in the amount of cortisone and adrenaline in his body when angry, but women tend to verbal aggression, because they are three times more verbal than men.
  • Many studies have been conducted about men and women regarding love, in terms of which one is faster in falling in love, and the result of these studies was: that men fall in love faster than women, as a result of women’s reservations and fear of surrendering to love, and they are always afraid of losing their beloved.

The difference between men and women biologically:

  • Hormones: At the hormonal level, estrogen, progesterone, and oxytocin bind to a woman's brain to enhance female behaviors. In men, testosterone, vasopressin, and another hormone known as "anti-mullerian hormone" dominate.
  • The muscles of the man’s body and the curves of the woman’s body: In most cases, we find that the man’s body has muscles in the upper part, unlike the woman. We find that some areas of her body are prominent, and women are characterized by the fullness of the lower half of their body, unlike the man, who has fullness in the upper half.
  • A protrusion in the middle of the neck that is not present in a woman’s neck, as the man’s throat is larger than the woman’s, so the man’s voice is thicker and louder than the woman’s.


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