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The most important qualities that a man looks for in a woman

 Nowadays, most men are no longer interested in marriage to have children and create their own family, but only for pleasure. Unfortunately, there are two types of men: the first type only searches for what pleases his lust and pleasure with him. The second type has the importance of establishing his family and having children. Children and the category of the second type are few in our time, and do not forget the third type is the one who combines the two previous types.

I will tell you the most important signs that attract a man to a woman:

The most important qualities that a man looks for in a woman


Studies show that men are looking for the honest girl in serious and long relationships, and therefore if your current partner has this quality, do not break up with her.


A woman's sense of humor ensures a happy life between the spouses, since the sense of humor relieves the tension of everyday life.


There are many women in every society, but the difference between them is that each of them possesses characteristics that distinguish them from the other. Usually, a man knows many women, but only women who differ in their characteristics from traditional women, such as women who are heavy in their dealings, and attractive in their features, attract him. And smart.

No make-up:

Not wearing make-up indicates your self-confidence, which, as mentioned earlier, is one of the things that draws a man’s attention and makes him gravitate towards you.


Men tend to women who enjoy great softness and femininity, whether in dealing or talking, and this does not mean that you have to wear dresses or skirts, or put a lot of makeup on to show your femininity, but you can do that by doing anything that makes you happy and confident in yourself.

women's hair:

A man is attracted to a woman's hair, no matter how long it is, as long as it is clean and attractive.

Elegant and full exterior:

There is no doubt that men are attracted to women who care about their appearance and elegance. But beware of exaggerating in wearing expensive clothes, because men generally love the simple style, simple makeup and soft hairdo, so that the overall look looks elegant but natural, far from pretentious and pretentious.

Sprinkle the perfume in a moderate amount, put on soft makeup that highlights your beauty, and wear elegant and simple clothes that highlight the charms of your body.

Personal hygiene care:

A woman’s attention to her outer appearance and her clothes is not considered valuable without giving good attention and care to personal hygiene, such as: bathing periodically, putting a beautiful scent in a small amount, combing and washing hair, every woman has her own rituals, and maintaining a good mouth smell. The stinky and bad smell, and he does not like a woman who neglects her personal hygiene, even if her self-confidence is very high.

Health Care:

Men are attracted to women who take care of themselves and their health, such as maintaining the appropriate weight, adequate sleep, and eating healthy foods, which will improve mental and physical health, gain more self-confidence, drive away negative feelings, and prevent premature aging to maintain a young and energetic woman.


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