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Important tips before cutting the hair

 Every woman is keen for her hair to look beautiful and healthy, as it is what distinguishes her and makes her more feminine, but some women resort to cutting hair to maintain it and consider it as a kind of renewal and change or preservation by getting rid of the damaged ends and restoring its health and health again. Below, in this article, we will explain tips before cutting hair.

The important tips before cutting the hair:

  • Beware of choosing the wrong time to cut your hair: Try to give your hair a good chance to grow. It is better to cut its ends once every 3-4 months, then your hair will need to cut its ends, so try to avoid cutting it less than the previously specified period.
  • When your hair becomes dry, you have to cut it, and you should consult a hair expert here to find out the most appropriate time and most appropriate way to cut your hair, as dry hair or the first type of hair that must be cut, because the natural oils secreted by your head will better affect short hair Better than long hair, so you will be able to combat and get rid of dryness naturally without the need for creams or oils.
  • There is a widespread belief among women that cutting hair increases its length, and the truth is that the ends of the hair have nothing to do with the follicles responsible for hair growth.. Just trim the ends of your hair, and it is preferable to resort to specialists, to grow your hair healthy without splitting every 4 months.
  • If you notice that your hair is constantly tangled, this is a strong indication of the need to cut it to get rid of this tangle, as it needs to breathe and grow properly, cut a part of it and take good care of it after that.
  • Don't let your hairdresser convince you that cutting wet hair is the only right way. Wet hair will give you a deceptive result, and your hair will look much shorter when it dries. So, it is better to cut the hair while it is dry to get the length you desire.
  • It would be best to avoid a full haircut, as it is difficult to get the back of the hair and blend the frame of the face, so give yourself a trim first, and start trimming only with the right tools.
  • Be sure to blow-dry the ends of the hair before you start cutting it, as if your hair is wet, it will bounce back and make the fringe look shorter than you intended.
  • Some women think that short hair does not need care, and this is wrong. On the contrary, the amount of oils secreted by your scalp will be distributed over a smaller area of ​​hair after cutting your hair, which prepares you to take great care of hair, otherwise you will find yourself with the accumulation of oils and fats in the scalp and hair that you suffer from Dandruff and excessive oily hair over time.
  • When you stop the periodic and repeated cutting of the ends of your hair, the shape of your hair will crystallize and become a beautiful appearance and increase the length of your hair, and you will not need anything but to cut the ends of the hair only in spaced intervals to maintain its healthy appearance.

How to cut hair at home:

  1. When cutting your hair, it should be dry, not wet, because the hair when wet looks longer than when it is dry.
  2. Make sure that your hair is washed and clean when you cut it directly because this is better.
  3. Use sharp scissors for hair, and do not use old or not intended for hair, because it will cause damage and make it look bad.
  4. Tie your unwanted hair back, to better cut the other hair.
  5. Comb the hair and bangs specially using a round brush to know the length that you want it to be after cutting it.
  6. Roll the hair strand forward towards your forehead until the middle of your nose and then cut the protruding ends of it because wrapping your hair will make it soft and more harmonious.
  7. Avoid pulling your hair down when you're twisting it and just use your hand to twist it to see the frizzy, dry hair you need to cut.
  8. Don't cut a large amount of hair at once, but cut a small amount gradually so that you can stop when you make a mistake.
  9. Try to train well before you start cutting, because it takes training and experience in order for the story to come out looking good.
  10. If you cut your hair in a way that ruins its appearance, stop immediately and get a professional haircut to fix it for you.
  11. If your bangs are of moderate length and fall over your forehead, they will need to be trimmed every four weeks.
  12. Make sure to cut the damaged ends of your hair first, as cutting the hair frequently does not affect its growth, as is common for some because the ends of the hair are far from the follicles that control its growth.
  13. Give your hair the opportunity to grow, the best times to cut it every three months.
  14. If you intend to cut your hair, do not wash it using shampoo beforehand, because when you go to the hairdresser, he will wash it, so there is no need to wash it twice. What you really need is to straighten your hair and make it even and untangled so that it is cut properly.
  15. Avoid cutting the bangs evenly because they do not look good, but the best thing is to cut the bangs long if you have a square face, and cut it in a circle if your face is round.


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