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The correct way to clean the vagina before intercourse

 In order for you to engage in intimacy with your husband, you must prepare for it well. The first of these things is to make sure to wash and clean the vagina well, in order to ensure your health and the health of your husband. 

Cleanliness of the vagina before intercourse will rid you of any unpleasant vaginal odors or any harmful bacteria that may be transmitted to the uterus during intercourse. If you do not know the correct way to clean the vagina, follow these steps:

1- Unscented soap and water:

Wash the vagina and the folds of the labia well with unscented soap and water, so as not to lead to inflammation of the sensitive skin around the vagina.

2- Nice scrub:

Gently rub the bikini area and the area around the vagina with a towel until you get rid of dead skin, the main cause of darkening of the skin. Dry the area with a towel from front to back.

3- Cleaning the rear:

Clean the buttocks well with soap and water and dry it with a special towel so that bacteria do not transfer to the genital tract causing cystitis.

4- Hair removal in the bikini area:

Removing excess hair is one of the important things to clean the vagina, which keeps this area from multiplying bacteria that cause itching and vaginal infections. Use one of the well-known methods of hair removal, even if it is short, especially before the marital relationship, in order to reach the maximum pleasure in the intimate relationship without worry.

5- Use a vaginal douche:

Many types of vaginal washes are available in major pharmacies, which protect the bikini area from bacteria and vaginal secretions and leave the vagina with a fresh smell.

6- Perfumes:

Refrain from using perfumes with strong odors as they may cause dermatitis around the vagina. If you want to apply a special scent to you, use a few essential oils that moisturize the skin such as chamomile or baby oil mixed with calm scents.


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