Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Method


 In order to buy a new car you find that the prices are very high compared to used cars For this many turn to used car markets for a suitable car in terms of price, quality, and, of course, physical potential. But we have to agree on one thing before we enter the car market. It is that you have to learn about the basics, conditions and requirements before you buy any used car from the markets, especially those found on the Internet. 

The reason is that if you buy a used car and find it damaged in the important areas, you will certainly be the victim. This will be due to you regret and heartbreak for rushing and not hearing to others, In order to learn about these important tips when buying the car, follow this subject because you are sure you will come out with the result and prodigy of the car in advance.

How to inspect used car before buying, you need to learn and experience and look strong, If you know that you cannot detect the damaged and valid car, you are advised to enlist an expert in cars and pay him the share of the service, which often does not exceed $10 in case you do not buy it. If you buy it, it's okay to increase another $20 as a gift for this difficult service.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Method

How to check the car:

Automotive inspection varies from car to car especially new and complex cars But there are common points that must be sound and the rest does not matter and according to the buyer's view, For example, a car salon is no more important than a car engine. Because the salon will almost be repaired at $250 per district, But the engine needs more than $1,000, and there's also what's better than the engine that can't be fully repaired. If you want to buy a used and pure car on all sides, it is better to reduce other expenses.

Steps before you buy a used car:

Before you offer to buy the car you must specify the type of car that fits your physical level and which you will spend on the car all year round And what kind of horses, because the higher the horses, the more taxes, the bigger the milking of gasoline, and, of course, according to each country, on the issue of taxes, Online pricing from various used car sales sites and what are the defects of the car and whether are appropriate in the area where it is inhabited, Is the type of car petrol or diesel, and is the car automatic or ordinary... .

These choices that we mentioned to you depend on the decision of each person who will buy the car, because the car is used according to different purposes, and depending on the number of small beds. For example, I have a family and a married person who will buy a car that fits this number of assumptions and that has the stamina and travel, if the car has to be a little bigger, also an unmarried young man who buys a small car that travels downtown with comfort, also is this car for the family or work, will you buy it for women or men. and many of the reasons decided by the buyer.

1- Car paint case:

Car paint is very important to recognize before buying a car, is it original or non-original, but there are those who don't care because they will do a car paint again, but prefer to buy it in original dyeing or restore work that has the same original dyeing in the company but is a little expensive, which may be up to $500.

But what are the things you should pay attention to in car paint? I know the car will definitely get scratched, causing the original dyeing. And her first owner can fix it without any problem and without any disadvantage because it's normal. But the drawback is that the car is painted without filling these scratches to be equal Here you feel he used a random dye and not in the right place, Generally speaking, the dyeing problem is not a problem in the car because it is easy to fix and often does not exceed $200 per country. But if you find it in a better dye, you have no car paint.

2-Vehicle owner's presence:

Many people are looking to buy a car from the Internet or in the car forest, but you encounter people who are traders and brokers and claim to be the owner of the car and they are assigned to them. I advise you not to buy them from all sides, namely Catali:

  • First he'll thank her because he's a broker and he just wants to win with you.
  • Secondly, it won't give you all the information like the owner of the car.
  • Thirdly, it will be a high amount than the amount that the owner of the car puts and that you can contact at the price.
  • A quarter won't come out healthy because they have the persuasion and deception method they use with you.

3-Are there car breakdowns?

The owner of the car must provide you with complete information about the mechanical and electrical breakdowns of the car. If you find him not knowing or not wanting to answer and feel that he is not honest in his speech, do not waste your time with him.

4-How many kilometres is a car? 

It is preferable to buy a car less than 200 thousand kilometres, and the reason is due to the lifespan of the chassis with the duration, years and kilometres weakening, so it is preferable to look for a car that is much less per kilometre and the lower the higher the price.

5-Check the car engine:

The engine comes in the second order in the vehicle inspection, before you buy the used car you must monitor the engine quality because it is one of the most important things the car relies on like the human heart and without it will not move, so what is the solution to know that the engine is usable and has no problem?

Watch if there is a place for engine oil leakage, and to learn about it you must monitor the bottom of the engine to detect the presence of oil traces.

Turn on the car and it is cold and listen to the engine sound, is the engine sound high or low, does it work normal or feel concussions or vibrations, the engine sound must be not loud and the most important thing is that there are no concussions so that the engine is regular in its rotation and there is no cutting.

A crackling sound coming from the engine: I noticed a crackling sound in the car engine, which often means that there is a problem with the valves and the process of repairing them is also very expensive.

Watch and hear the voice of the doubts, it must not be loud, And you're going to talk about somebody else pressing on the accelerator, pressing deep, and again quickly, until you see the smoke coming out of the two shocks. If the smoke is blue, this indicates that the oil is burning inside the combustion chamber, If the color is thick white, it indicates that there is water leakage in the combustion chamber. If the smoke is black, it indicates excess fuel in the combustion chambers, resulting in fuel combustion problems.

These examples I mentioned about engine smoke if you show up don't buy this car, because you will suffer a lot and have to buy a new engine at more than $1,000 often, and use a better mechanic, which is the most appropriate choice.

6-Tire inspection:

According to experts the frame should be replaced when the depth of the grooves becomes 1.6 millimetres, or when the wheel corrosion indicator bars appear tread wear indicator bars. The depth of the grooves in the new tyres is usually 2.4 millimeters.

7-Checking the chassis of a car:

The chassis is the number one undisputed, which is the most important in the car with a complete deal, because the engine you can replace with a new motor, the salon can be restored again, the electricity you can replace again... But if the chassis is damaged by an accident, it doesn't work for anything, so the first thing you have to monitor is the chassis and then the engine and then you can start to monitor other things, but if the chassis and the engine are damaged, don't waste your time with it.

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