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 Driving or driving cars and vehicles are generally the most things a person wants to learn the right way. This is because driving has become an important thing in our daily lives, especially those who want to work to earn a living like a taxi driver and a truck.... So many people over the age of 18 are looking for a driving school to teach the foundations and principles of driving, all in order to market a car or truck when he gets a driver's license certificate.

Driver education is built to work in public vehicles to earn a living. such as taxis and buses to take people to a certain place or work with school establishments and other occupations, but who every driver has to abide by the laws and decency of driving and respect all the rules in order not to cause loss of yourself and others.

Driving Education for Beginners - Driving Education School

Driver's education:

To learn driving is great, especially in our present time. But in order to teach leadership you need constant training and reading new laws, so you don't get wrong. So, you need to abide by the orders of the leadership professor to learn all the necessities and also a set of skills, all in order to ensure success in managing the right driving method.

If you are an interested person in driving a car as a necessity in life, you need to learn a leg in a good way and focus on manual cars and also automatic because the age is evolving with the latest automated cars.

Manual Speed Conveyor Driving:

In fact, driving manual drives I personally find easier than driving an Automatic, which is because everyone has difficulty driving an Automatic and vice versa, but whoever has difficulty driving vehicles with a manual speed carrier has to train. It only takes a day or two and is used to driving. That is why we will help you to teach the driver about the manual speed carrier.

1-Start of vehicle operation:

  1. You must enter the car and sit on the seat reserved for driving.
  2. You must close the door immediately after you enter the car.
  3. Watch all mirrors as they are in place whether on the right and left of the car and even in front of you at the top.
  4. Don't forget the safety belt.
  5. Make sure the hand brake in the middle.
  6. Watch if there is a truck, degree or anyone in the vehicle's exit place.

2-Start of the car:

There are three pedals "right = speed/medium = stop/left = open manual speed carrier stick"

Pressing the red pedal on the left.

Simultaneously move the manual speed conveyor stick to number 1 or the so-called first level of speed without lifting the left foot off the red pedal.

The second process is to press the speed in yellow but gradually not by full pressure. Meaning:

When you press the red pedal move the manual speed conveyor stick, then press the yellow pedal to the right down and at the same time lift your left foot down until the car moves and you hear the engine sound. Then lift your right foot and restore the pressure on the red pedal to move the manual speed carrier stick level two. Don't lift your left foot quickly but gradually and don't prolong.

Phase III is the same operation in each case changing the levels of the speed carrier's stick to level III, IV, V and VI if available in the vehicle.

3-Reduce car speed via manual speed carrier stick:

Speed should be reduced by pressing the brake in the middle "Blue Color"

Then press the pedal on the left and then reduce the level of the manual speed conveyor stick from level 5 to 4.

You can also make the stick in the default or neutral position and stop the car with the brake without having to press the pedal on the left but gradually.

Then don't forget to turn off the engine via the key.

Now we've finished teaching driving with manual speed transporters, and as you can see, it's very easy only to have a practical process and of course with the professor.

Car Driving Education for Automatic Speed Conveyor:

We also told you that the automatic speed carrier stick is easy but there are those who are not good at dealing with it, but with the first experience you will learn unchallenged.

Automatic vehicles have only two pedals, reverse manual cars have three pedals as we explained to you.

The right pedal is for increasing speed and movement, the left pedal helps reduce or stop speed.

Do not forget to download the brakes with a stick, the brakes are a long stick that is between two seats that control the car's start, if it is high, know that the car is parked, and if it is at the bottom, that indicates that the car is not parked. The stick brake can also be exploited standing status on a high street. In other words, you can press the speed and gradually download the brake, so the car doesn't stop or go backwards.

How to control automatic speed conveyors:

  • Letter (P): This letter indicates that the car is parked and can never be moved.
  • Letter (N): This letter indicates that the vehicle is ready to move forward and back, but its movement does not depend on the use of fuel; Even if the accelerator is pressed.
  • Letter (D): This letter indicates that the car is ready to work when you press the accelerator and the accelerator.
  • Letter (R): This letter indicates that the car is ready to go back and of course when pressing the throttle.

So we finish this lesson in how to teach driving at the school of leadership education. We wish you well and will give you more instructional and useful lessons in the automotive world.

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