How to know the right oil for your car (types of car oils are 100% guaranteed)


There are many people asking about the type of engine oil suitable for her car adjusting, because she knows she will expose the car to many risks. That's why you need to take care of what kind of oil you can use and also how to replace... . 

Because engine oil plays a key role in the dynamic process while driving the car, this is why many experts always advise to change regularly in case of impurities in the oil filter so that it does not become hazardous to the engine. They even recommend choosing the best oils with periodic maintenance work, albeit a little expensive, but you buy comfort in order to avoid parking problems.

How to know the right oil for your car (types of car oils are 100% guaranteed)

4 common errors when replacing engine oil:

  1.  A common mistake people make in the car is replacing engine oil with another type that is not suitable for the car to reduce the cost, which increases the likelihood of oil evaporation.
  2. Do not specify your oil classification, whether it is "sh, sc, se, sf, sg."
  3. Change the engine oil type in case of engine defect, one of the most common errors in which the driver of the vehicle falls.
  4. Change engine oil after long periods exceeding the specified period on the packaging ranging from 5 thousand km to 20 thousand km.

web site determines the type of oil suitable for your car:

With so many different types of car engine oils available on the market, choosing the right oil for the car has become an inconvenience for everyone, leading us to many questions.

Among these questions: How to choose the best engine oil? Will my choice be suitable for weather conditions? How long does this oil last? Can I mix different types? And many questions that need expert consultation.

We are often confused by labels on engine oil bottles, leaving us to oil sellers to choose for us from their point of view without realizing the results.

But there's no need for fear. On this topic you will find tips to make the right decision if God willing with the site.

Many car owners, want to change the engine oil but the problem is that it is often two oils type that will be used, is the oil 10W40 or 20W50... . But today we will offer you a site that determines the right type of oil for your car named "datateck." For example, you are looking for what is the right oil for Hyundai cars you will write on site HYUNDAI and will offer you the type of car for this company with the model and type of oil you should use in your car.

site to learn about the type of oil

What you should know about engine oil:

We all know that each oil engine needs it to operate well, and the reason why the car engines are exposed to maximum temperature, high pressure and massive heat friction, so you must choose the right oil type because it is one of the key elements of a car.

However accurate it is, it is important to choose the right oil, the reason is that we are looking for a longer life span of the engine, and it depends not only on the life of the engine, but also helps to operate more efficiently.

No doubt when you go to a workshop, you will find a large number of products with many features and codes that may confuse you. Of course as someone who doesn't understand you will have confusion about what kind you should choose.

That's why you should learn well what oil is right because there are different motors that require different oils and work normally.

We will shorten the subject and offer you four types of automotive oils.

Mineral Oil:

Mineral oils or known as conventional oils are essential oils and of course their price is suitable for all. These are oils derived from crude oil. It is also popular among cars with daily use.

It is recommended to use mineral oils for motors in mild climates. They are less resistant to high temperatures and oxidation than synthetic motor oils, and also have higher fluid points, making them suitable for winter conditions and very low temperatures. This type of oil requires frequent changes in oil after every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers or almost every four months.

Synthetic oils:

Artificial oil is an excellent engine oil that contains high oxidation proof during combustion within the engines. One of its advantages is that it maintains the required oil level, especially during difficult situations such as low temperature and high altitude. Of course this helps protect the engine from damage and corrosion.

This type of oil is considered as we mentioned you from high quality oils. The reason is that it was designed from chemical mineral oils on which some substances were added to improve its performance.

Among the advantages of synthetic oils do not decompose. In other words, this type of oil keeps the engine clean by reducing the sediment composition.

Protects the engine making the engine's life longer.

Offers steady performance, flow and excellent viscosity during extreme temperatures.

Improve fuel consumption.

One of its advantages is that you can only change the oil from 10,000 to 25,000 kilometers or every six months.

Semi-synthetic oils:

This type of oil nicknamed semi-synthetic oils is known as synthetic mixtures. This type of oil is known to be used as the best option for engines facing heavy loads resulting from intensive use. That's why it's better than metal oil and synthesis because it's already a combination of them.

We do not say that this type of oil is better than Synthetic oils, but we say that it is the optimal alternative after synthetic oils.

One of its advantages is that you can only change the oil from 75,000 to 15,000 kilometers or every six months.

This type of "semi-synthetic" oil is cheaper than "synthetic oil."

High mileage oils:

High mile oils, are classified as critical oils that are more suitable for engines that have a lot of corrosion and tearing. The reason is that it contains a set of additives.

Who should know that this type of oil is designed for older engines that have more than 100 thousand kilometers, which may have some flexibility problems and leakage problems.

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