How to wash cars


 There are many people who want to learn how to wash the car correctly and not make any mistake. Of course, washing the car does not need the car type, all the same process whether it is an old car or a modern car. The process you will learn meaning in the automotive world blog is the overall process of all cars without exception.

There is no doubt that many driving always want to clean it and take care of it because it is a tool that helps you in many services of your own So you have to take care of the car to a very large degree and monitor it from inside and out and as is known, clean of faith is the opposite of many neglected people who market the car only for driving without cleaning it and maybe up to two months and then cleaning it, 

This remains according to everyone and of course if you are interested in a car wash case without making mistakes or making any mistake that causes a problem you should read the lesson and follow it up one by one to learn these tips about a car wash case.

How to wash cars

We will learn how to wash cars from the inside and we will learn how to wash them from the outside. We will also address the mistakes that many have about washing a car. So what you need to do is learn how to wash and also learn to get rid of these mistakes that will cause you a problem with pigmentation or a problem with the color of the car and many problems you may have in the car of your own.

Car washing method from outside:

Removal of stains: 

of course, the thing that we are exposed to is the stains that the birds leave in the car and that's very much because the birds are flying in the sky and the car is in the ground and here many feces of the birds have to fall Even insects that die in the car leave their tracks in the car and we have to use the solution to remove them. That's why we should use a spray box filled with undiluted car wash soap.

Washing car tyres: 

tyres or wheels are the most exposed to dirt and damaged because they are the ones that carry the car entirely Tires, actually, you can clean them at first and then move into the body of the car or vice versa. Of course, it is recommended to clean the tyres at the first time. The reason is that when you clean, the top places get dirty, cause dirt and re-clean the car from the top, so it is better to clean it at the first and then move to the body of the car.

First you should cool the tyres with cold water and then you can wash them with soap or sponge, and you should not take the same sponge to wash the car's body.

Washing the roof:

 In order to clean the car, you must start from the top of the car means from the roof. You should spray water from the roof of the car and clean the sides of the window because it is full of dirt and special if you clean it from the top, the water comes down with dirt and stays in the window edge.

The role of buckets in laundry:

 This process needs to use two buckets in order to clean the car properly. Why exactly because you have to put in the first bucket water and soap and in the second bucket water only, and of course you have to use a soft sponge in order to clean the car.

Operation: First, you need to use clean water to clean the dirt place until you finish that dirt in that body or in that place, and then you wash it with mixed water. If the process is clear, you must wash it with water first to keep that dirt in the car away. Then the process comes to use water mixed with soap to clean it from the top down.

Car wash:

Of course, after what you clean the car completely with soap and water, here you have to clean it with water and it will start from the top, it means you have to start from the top in order to get the whole dirt down from the top to the bottom.

Car drying:

There are 2 professional ways or two professional steps to dry the car, first you should use a waffle-weave towel, this is for drying and no water spots appear and then use the microwave towel in the last.

Car washing method from inside:

Cleaning the car from inside is very important because it carries with it many dirt and bacteria, and this is done by transferring it from hand to hand, clothes, shoes or coming from other objects such as dogs and cats that leave hair residue and foot dirt. And the scavengers, especially the food that the kids leave or you personally.

1- The first thing that needs to be cleaned is the command plate because it carries with it bacteria, germs and dirt a lot, of course this is by transporting it from hand-shaking or by sweat emanating from the human body and many reasons why bacteria are created in the command board. In order to clean it, I have to use a Clorox disinfectant that disposes of these bacteria and dirt and germs 100 in 100.

2- The feet also leave the traces of dirt that you carry from the outside in the brushes of the car that are located at the bottom and are often four brushes above depending on the car. This type of brushes must be cleaned with water and brush and left outside to dry out the water and reassemble in its designated place. Such brushes front and rear seats if you want to.

3- The safety belt of course we use it a lot and also carry with it viruses, dirt and bacteria so we must clean it with warm water with a little laundry detergent of course using his fabric.

4- Also do not forget to clean the interior glass.

Car washing errors:

Many people think that washing cars is enough to be done with water and pupils and it's done and it's very simple. But in fact, if we come to try to wash the car, you need to take into account it and laws in order for the operation to be successful and the cleaning to be successful, This is why many car users go to a small or large car cleaning company and pay them because they are professional in car washing.

First mistake:

Many people think that washing the car in the state of heat is good to dry the car quickly, but in fact washing the car in heat is not good because the water leaves the spots of small water in the biography and is not drained in the right way. It is therefore recommended to wash the car in the morning or in the evening.

Second error:

There are some dishwashing materials used by many people to wash the car, but this is a line because it is very harsh on car paint.

Third mistake:

My generous brother tried to avoid random washing the car because when you wash randomly from right to left and vice versa you set up the circle, here may cause the car to be scratched and also leave the water stains so you have to wash the car from the top down.

The fourth mistake:

How many we mentioned to you in the first, you have to clean the tires of the car in the first, and the reason why it carries with it mud, which if you wash it after washing the car, it scatters in the parts of the car, so you have to start with it is the first.

The fifth mistake:

The last line, in which many fall, is that when the car is washed it opens the windows, it is a line that has to wait two to three hours for the car to be drained because when you open the window, the water will come down in the form of a line and leave that water in the car.

This is what we can offer you, and of course this process in the case of car cleaning is easy and you don't need to be a professional but one must learn and repeat the process and will be perfectly washing the car in a very professional way.

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