Information about BMW cars


 BMW is one of the oldest automotive companies and was founded in 1916. The company is also headquartered in Munich City Germany. And this company is specialized in the automotive industry, and this company has a very big history. And so at Car-new, we're going to get to know BMW, and we're going to learn about its history, the types of cars, the foundations of this company, and the many information that you probably don't know about this company. I advise you to read the topic well and look into it because you will find out that there is a company or among the companies that have gone through the world wars and passed through the Bazmeh and many problems to get to where it is now.

Information about BMW cars

We should know that BMW was an aircraft engine company. "In the name of Rab Motorenferk", and this company has also been involved in the manufacture of aircraft engines for the German Air Force, This BMW company was then banned from making engines for German aircraft because of its Versailles treaty. But BMW did not stop, but changed its direction to the motorcycle industry and then evolved, deciding to enter the world of automotive industry and was BMW's first car, BMW 315. Of course, this introduction has gone beyond many things, but now we are going to start mentioning history and also beginning in the automotive industry in Isanche City, as well as the second world war phase, as well as the post-war phase, as well as the return of BMW to its destination again.

History of BMW:

If we go back to the history of BMW, we will find that the company was actually founded in 1880 AD, and this company was founded by Engineer Karl and Engineer Gustavo Auto to make aircraft engines in Germany. In 1928, BMW began its automotive industry in Germany, followed by Brazil, China, India, South Africa and the United States, and reached 12 of the world's largest automotive producers, making about 2 million 279 thousand and 503 cars in 2015. For information, BMW has not changed the shape and color of its logo, which contains black, white and blue.

The first start in the automotive industry was in the German city of Isnag in 1928. This same year, BMW took over DXE Dixi, a small company in the carriage industry and was upgraded by BM to become an automotive factory. In 1929, BMW manufactured the first car named BMW 315, a vehicle 315 was developed from DX vehicles.

In 1932, a car bearing the name of the AM1 was manufactured. The car was larger than the 315 car in size and more sophisticated, and it has four wheel brakes and an alternative front axle. Then in 1933, Engineer Fritz Fiddler made the car as BMW 303 and this car has a 6-cylinder engine.

In 1933, BMW returned to manufacture aircraft engines with hardware. Motorcycles and cars became secondary, yet the company left a strong footprint in the automotive industry. The cars that were created were 315 and a car in the name of the 303. Also at the age of 1935 326 it also made a car in the 1937 in the name of the 327. It also designed the sports racing car 328 which won the 1940 in Italy.

BMW's participation in World War II:

We also reminded you on the subject of Mercedes-Benz that BMW has experienced a very impressive historical phase with wars, crises and changes in the company. But who I liked in the stories of Mercedes OPM automobile companies and companies to the other, They wouldn't stop dreaming. They had a lot of determination to get to the target, if it was in the war or in any difficulties.

In the Second World War, BMW contributed aircraft engines. When the company had 8.357 workers of one year's age 1933 it had about 180 thousand workers of one year's age 1938 because it participated in the aircraft engine industry in the Second World War, BMW's profits in 1933 were approximately 32.5 million. in 1939, the balance rose to 280 million Reich Mark. The company also made a car in the name of 325 and that between 1937 and 1940 AD.

BMW made the airplane engine in the name of 801 with a power of 2,000 horsepower in 1943. The engine was one of the most important engines for German aircraft in the Second World War, and then it was discovered that the engines suffered from problems and the engine was developed into three engines under the name of 802, 132 and M01.

BMW's suffering in World War II:

The suffering experienced by BMW in the Second World War because it lost a very large number of basic experts in the production of the aircraft engine, because in the Second World War Germany needed additional military, taking 6,189 workers with strong experience, and here the company was living in a deplorable state.

BMW's return to life after the war:

BMW was short of money and was only making average-sized cars. And then Herbert Quandt stepped in to solve the crisis problem and things started going well, In 1961, BMW Bankruptcy exploited Borguard, one of its competitors, and began working continuously until it made the new mid-sized BMW 1500.

BMW has developed and made new cars of 2000 1800 as well as 1600 that were successful in motor racing and showed their strength and ability to triumph over other cars And in 1966, BMW started as a very large company and competitor to other companies with a very large number of high-quality car types including 02, 1602, 1802 and 2002, In 1968 it manufactured BMW 2500, 2800 and 30SL vehicles.

As you can see, BMW has been one of many difficulties, many wars, professional workers coming out in order to increase the German military, material crisis, many problems, demolishing the company, and also occupation by the Soviet, but which I loved in these companies, their owners do not give up, do not know what it means to surrender, but are determined and persistent to reach their dream that has already been realized.

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