Stages of Evolution of Transport Throughout History


 Yes, modern transportation has become a reason to move us to other countries for work, for study and for learning about an area that benefits as happened with Toyota Albania and discovered cars in America because of mobility. And there are many families outside the country that are thousands of kilometres away, because of these mobility means, we can meet them and we can share joy with them, and we can discover many things around the world. 

Of course this blessing is often many that are not felt because we are used to it and the person travels to Europe and America in two days you find in your Saudi country and Morocco or the UAE... It is not surprising because it is a stage of development, but if you go back to the stone ages and find who will help you move from one place to another quickly, you will feel this grace that has become a means of moving quickly.

Stages of Evolution of Transport Throughout History

Imagine with me in our current era there is no such thing as mobility means there are no trucks and no intubates carrying a large number of people in order to move from place to place. And everyone has a car on the street, so be sure that there will be too many cars, too many crowds, problems of arriving on time and too many things that people will suffer. This means of mobility, which carries more than 40 people, trucks or autopics. 

And you have to find a bus in your country because it carries 40 cars with it and if we hit it on ten you will find it carries 400 cars in one bus. In the sense of 10 two-car autobiests that provided us with great space on the street, Also, in China, I'm thinking about how to create an electric truck that's all street space and is at the top of cars and trucks. And the cars are traveling at the bottom of this big bus, which carries more than 100 people.

The appearance of boat transport:

Mankind was created by God Almighty and gave them reason and power to make it and develop themselves on this planet called Earth And one of these thoughts that humans have been putting forward for a long time is that he wants something to help him navigate, to mean how he can move a number of people from place to place, and also how goods of a large size are transported from place to place. This idea takes place in the minds of mankind, the very beginning of the advent of transport, which is boats or boats, and this idea, as has been mentioned in history, belongs to the people of Australia 60 thousand or 40 years ago. 

As was said, Australia's first human being on Earth was able to move across the sea, meaning from logic to logic by canoe. And God knows for about nine thousand years that a primitive man has been able to cross the sea by means, and it will often be wood, and of course Australia used boats with very simple equipment and ordinary tools, which was found in archaeological research as the oldest boat is the Bessie boat and counts to more than 7,600 BC.

Means of Transport by Horses:

God created animals for humanity that will be helpful to her in everything. For example, if we say the elephant, it is a huge animal that can break big trees and carry them to a remote place. God Almighty God has provided us with dogs to guard him, as well as his keepers sheep and many creatures and even the bathroom transmits messages from place to place. God Almighty means to create human beings and give him everything he needs. We thank God and thank him for that. These include the horse, ass or mule.

Historians have not yet determined when the immunity was used or tamed to be used as a means of transporting people or goods, but some symbols and archaeological evidence have discovered some information that helped determine when the horse or mules and donkeys appeared to be used as a means of mobility. It was said that from the beginning of the use of fortification it was 4000 years ago B.C. But I see that when God brought down our Master Adam, Mother and Eve peace to this Earth, God dropped all the beings with it. 

Among these beings is the horse that he created in order to carry people and also transport people and goods. It is like a cow has a role and not to ride on it, but to plow and offer you milk means everything God Almighty has created for the mission and the animal teaches it innately. The first transporting process is the fortification through the vehicles added on their backs and is a reason to get humans to distant places.

Vehicle Transportation:

The second oldest means of transportation is the invention of carts consisting of wheels as stated in history that it was 3,500 years ago BC. He stated that these carriages were composed of only two wheels and often when we hear two wheels, if whoever is going to carry them, it must always be a horse or a donkey that is important to the horse. Historians and archaeologists said that these two-wheelers were used in the North Caucasus country and also in Iraq and Central Europe.

The evolution of transport over time:

We will now remind you how to develop transportation through the old and modern times, of course the stories of his wonder and very strange in the stage of the development of transportation or car, you will find how humans evolved and how he became the idea of inventing very wonder things.
  1. It was the first means of taming horses to transport goods and humans and this development was 3000 - 4000 BC.
  2. The invention of wheels in vehicles before 3500 BC in Iraq.
  3. The invention of boats and boats for sailing from place to place was wood equipment in 3000 BC, in Egypt.
  4. Tame beauty to transport people and goods between 2000 and 3000 BC.
  5. In the Roman Empire, in the first century, it developed the road network.
  6. Romania's shipmaking and development.
  7. Using horses to connect them with vehicles with two or four wheels in 1600 AD.
  8. Inventing hydrogen-packed balloons at 1789.

As for modern transportation, this is how it started:

  1. Official use of ships in 1816.
  2. Construction of a railway starting in 1829 years.
  3. The use of horses to drag double carriages in 1835.
  4. The use of ships and vessels for mobility in 1847.
  5. Automotive industry year 1885.
  6. Inventing aircraft in 1903.

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