Teaching driving by driving automatic cars


 Everyone wants to learn their driver of vehicles in a professional way, without making mistakes and learning the names of signals that are in the column and are painted in the ground, but in order to get to that you have to learn the right way in the school and come across a teacher with a simplified way of explanation and education. We used to go to school and then wait for the education car and then you move us to a context-specific place that means starting the context from the school door to the designated place, 

then we learn how to drive and how to stand in the right place and many things that we have to learn as beginners, but time has evolved and learning the context in an innovative way. Education has become via an electronic screen that helps your driving education, of course it makes you live another world like a real world and you shop a car on the street but it's through a small Balat control, and from that program you can find out whether you really deserve or not.

Teaching driving by driving automatic cars

Of course you know the context via the electronic tool is optional and not compulsory, but you must learn because you will one day shop an automatic car. Teaching the context on the street as it is known to us is still in normal Fitts, and I don't know if there is a country that imposes e-vitas education that is full but what is important remains this choice depending on each person.

Get to know the automatic cars:

Context education by automated car or so-called English language Gear is from another world with ordinary cars as they differ with ordinary cars via the so-called Manual Transmission Alphvits, Of course, there are advantages in automotive than ordinary cars. Among these features, fuel is more economical in the sense that it consumes no more fuel than normal, because automaticity controls changes on a timely basis. And it also stays valid for more than normal and the reason is that it is not controlled by the driver contrary to normal so it always moves from one to two to stage three and phase four and so goes back more than once a day, The third feature is that automotive cars offer comfort and complete calm for all drivers. As auto experts advise, it is recommended to use automatic motion in dangerous areas.

Automatic Vehicle Driving Method:

Of course we know you didn't teach it in school or you weren't taught in school how to control automatic cars. And that's normal because she teaches the most used things in your country, I don't know if there's a country doing this, but where we are in our country, there's no or automatic driving order remains diligence and learning by watching them in channels and reading books or sitting a driver teaches you directly.

First: you have to let the joystick go upwards and then make the automatic motion in P.

Second: When you want to drive, you only have to use the right man. It means the left has no role with the automatic, you have to press the brakes first and then move the motor conveyor to D and then move the hand brake downwards.

Third: You must gradually take the right foot off the brakes. This way the car will be ready or able to move and then put the foot on the right on a fuel allowance so that the more the fuel allowance is trampled on, the faster the car becomes.

Fourth: The car is slow when you press the brakes instead of the fuel allowance.

Car Automatic Transmission:

Modern cars that are available on the automatic transmission have become an important thing to learn because the era is evolving and you often need to learn these electronic movements. Of course, this automatic motion contains four alphabet letters: P- N - D - R often, and all of these letters have their own function.

    D - Drive: 

If selected, you give him an order to move the car's front wheel. When the driver presses the fuel and chooses the automatic D motor conveyor, the car moves forward.

    R - Reverse: 

This letter is known not in automatic cars or in ordinary cars. In other words, you go back to the car.

    P - Parking: 

This number is actually one of the best numbers I find suitable in the car, because this number helps you choose the right place or permit to park.

    N - Neutral: 

This character is working and it is used for moving the car and stopping it on the neutral fixed position.

Automatic cars Driving Rules:

  1. First when you sit in the car of course don't forget the safety belt and don't forget all the things you have to do and this is not new for you, the second thing you have to follow is the automatic vitas in level or P.
  2. If you want to go back there may be a car in front of you, just go from P to R without passing from N.
  3. If the automatic fits are in the N and you want to go back you can just convert the fuse to the R. But you need to make sure that the car is completely stopped by pressing the brakes Then the fuse can be converted to R. If you want to increase the speed, you need to press the speed brakes.
  4.  If the Fetts position is in P and you want to move forward, then do not move the Fetts directly to D and of course by passing it on R and N.
  5. If you want to go back and the vitas are in the letter D you have to stop the car completely and then convert it from D to N and then to R.
  6. When you encounter a traffic light indicating that you stand here you must use the letter N with the long duration, so that no pressure is created on the foam, engine and brake.
  7. If you want to put the car among a large group of cars you can just leave the Fetts on the letter P so that the car remains stationary do not move.
If you want more topics in driving education for beginners you will find them in the location of the automotive world from here "Driving Education."

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