What can happen if you use diesel instead of petrol


 Many people ask a curious question about an issue that can only be tried by an adventurous mechanic. Is it if you use diesel fuel in gasoline cars? Will the car move, burn, or cause damage? Of course everyone doesn't want to apply the process in their car because they don't want to venture because it's not a playstation game, but we in this article will of course answer you this question in a clear and tried way to rest on this curious question that maybe yet you haven't found an answer.

Who should know that there are Benzyl stations that put diesel fuel in the Benzyl cupboard and this is often an unintended mistake by beginners in this work, and also who uses cheating but in the latter they are caught because diesel is cheaper and the scare is done.

What can happen if you use diesel instead of petrol

But the position we're talking about is that you mistakenly used diesel instead of gasoline or vice versa. So you have to keep a good eye on the gas station. Is the petrol pump separated from the diesel pump, and you have to watch the pump that contains petrol and diesel in one pump, so watch well and let the employee do his job. But we will tell you a real story by Professor Abdelhak's mechanic who tried it in a great way.

First, identify the gasoline packing gun. You should monitor the aperture well. You will notice in the photo that the gasoline nozzle is smaller than the diesel nozzle, meaning if you notice that a gun does not enter the benzyl nozzle, know that you use the diesel gun.

Abdul Haq's experience with adding diesel instead of gasoline:

The first step left the gasoline signal at zero level and left about 20 liters for the car to operate. He then added 20 litres of diesel in the car, to be a unified balance of "50 percent for diesel and 50 percent for petrol." The car operated ordinarily because the benzyl was still in the conductors and sewers followed by sprays. The car lasted 10 kilometers without any problem, but it operated with gasoline and engine without any problem and even natural smoke.

Abdul Haq then decided to add all his remaining diesel to a car, so the car operated ordinarily, but this time the car became discreet, then it became ordinary, and then he felt nothing from the chopping, not even reaching half a kilometre, and the car stopped. He decided to turn the car back on, but refused not to move, so smoke would appear in the engine's location after he tried to operate the car.

Mr. Abdelhak added 20 litres of gasoline, perhaps and the car could work. But she didn't want to work, and he added another 20 liters, and then after trying to get the car up and running, she moved out of place and went back to his workshop, and then he cleaned it out of the whole fuel, added new fuel that was right for her, and the car passed two days with him without any problem.

Here we tell you if you make any line about using gasoline with diesel or vice versa, you should stop the car and go to the car repair workshop directly without venturing.

What to do if you put the wrong fuel in your car?

Many are in trouble using diesel fuel with petrol by mistake, and if you find out that you made this mistake you will know first-hand the magnitude of this problem, and if you have never made this mistake you should follow these second tips after Professor Abdul Haq's experience.

It is advised not to operate the car fully. Reason: If the car is operated it will cause damage to the car inevitably, the second shi in the case of the car is operated, the more fuel is pumped to the engine the cost of repair increases, the third shi is difficult is to stop the car after 10 kilometers and may be in a place far from the city especially if you are with the small family it is very dangerous.

Which is worse, do you add diesel for petrol or add gasoline for diesel?

Most commonly in cars it is added gasoline in diesel, why adjust? Because the diesel gun is big and he can't get into the benzyl nozzle, and that's where you watch directly that you made the mistake or are about to fall into it, the opposite of a small petrol gun can get into the diesel nozzle. Except in one case if you use the vials or a diesel box.

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